Services available through my office include:


*Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment

The initial appointment takes about an hour and a half. During this appointment, I meet with the individual and, generally, with their support system (parents, significant other, siblings, adult children, etc.), to gather information necessary to understand the nature of the difficulty. During the consultation I will listen carefully and ask many questions in order to accurately determine whether or not there is a chemical imbalance. If there is evidence of an imbalance, we will identify a specific diagnosis of what chemical imbalance may be present.

I discuss my observations and conclusions with the individual and, with their permission, members of their support system. Effective treatment options, using a combination of therapy and medication (if appropriate), are also reviewed. If the individual needs medication therapy, arrangements are made at the initial meeting for medical screening, blood testing and follow-up medication treatment.

Whether or not medication is prescribed, experience has shown that counseling or psychotherapy is often quite helpful in improving mental health and quality of life. Therefore, if the patient doesn't already have a therapist, a referral to a skilled therapist colleague is available. It is important to understand, though, that no matter how qualified the therapist or determined the individual to “get better”, progress in therapy is limited when a chemical imbalance is unrecognized or mistreated.

Ongoing treatment, in addition to monitoring carefully for adverse effects, includes following target symptoms (like depressed mood, amplified anxiety or insomnia) and making sure they are improving as we make changes in medication. As well, I feel it is important to work with both the individual and their support system to continue to educate them about mastering the chemical imbalance.

Symptoms I Treat

Syndromes I Treat


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