Increased Anxiety / Worrying

Increased Anxiety / Worrying

Increased Anxiety / Worrying

Some anxiety is quite normal in the course of life. In fact, normal anxiety is absolutely necessary for us to function. Normal anxiety is a state of appropriate worry that something needs to be taken care of. Whether we are made mildly anxious by seeing a red stop sign telling us we are coming to an intersection and need to apply the car’s brakes or whether we notice the approaching date on the calendar when the mortgage is due that makes us anxious and spurs us to send out a check - or a thousand other examples - normal anxiety is a feeling we all experience.
Anxiety is not normal when it is without a reason or if there is too much anxiety - even with a reason. Causes can range from medical to mental health and, if present, should definitely be assessed by a mental health professional with special expertise in the recognition of low-grade mood disorders.


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